Ticknall Ensuite Wetroom

20th July 2016

Scope of Work:

- Complete gutting of the room back to brick

- Installation of timber stud work to create recesses above the toilet and conceal the cistern and pipework

- Installation of additional recesses on the shower wall

- Full tiling with light stone effect tiles on the walls, natural split-faced mosaics on a shower feature wall, and darker stone effect tiles on the floor

- Installation of electric underfloor heating, LED spotlights, shower fan, and feature lighting in the recesses



The main bathroom renovation project in Stanley Village, Derbyshire involved a comprehensive transformation of the existing space to create a modern and functional bathroom sanctuary.

The room was completely gutted back to its brick structure, providing a blank canvas for innovative design and structural improvements. Timber stud work was strategically installed to facilitate the creation of recesses above the toilet, concealing the cistern and pipework for a sleek and streamlined look. Similar recesses were integrated into the shower wall, adding both practical storage and visual interest to the space.

The entire room was meticulously tiled to enhance its visual appeal and durability. Light stone effect tiles adorned the walls, creating a bright and airy atmosphere, while natural split-faced mosaics were featured on a wall in the shower, adding texture and sophistication. A darker stone effect tile was chosen for the floor, providing a grounding contrast to the overall design.

Incorporating modern amenities, electric underfloor heating was installed to ensure comfort and luxury. New LED spotlights and a shower fan were added to improve functionality and efficiency. Feature lighting in the recesses not only illuminated the space effectively but also added a touch of ambiance and elegance to the bathroom.

The completed main bathroom renovation in Stanley Village, Derbyshire, represents a harmonious blend of functionality, aesthetics, and innovation. The meticulous attention to detail, strategic use of materials, and integration of modern conveniences have transformed the space into a sophisticated retreat that exceeds expectations and showcases Andrew Hindes Interiors commitment to excellence.