Experts in designing and fitting stunning and practical wetrooms

As an alternative to a traditional bathroom, a wetroom is a bathroom that has been ‘tanked’ with a suitable waterproofing membrane to ensure all walls and floors are completely waterproof. By adding a waterproof membrane to the wall and floor, water will be prevented from seeping outward and causing damage to the surrounding area. A ‘wetroom former’ is slightly different and consists of an installed flush with the substrate to create a natural fall into the drain.

A wetroom can be open plan, most with a single glass panel in place to deflect the water and isolate the shower area.

Our wetroom installations usually consist of tiled floors, with the tiles cut in line with the former to fall towards the drain. Alternatively, we can apply anti-slip flooring which is more common in disabled adaptations.

The key is ensuring the wetroom is watertight by selecting the correct former, drainage options, and tanking system. With our experience, we select the most appropriate and suitable material for each project installing wetrooms at any level in your property with confidence.

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