Langley Mill Wetroom Installation

30th July 2021

Recently the Andrew Hindes Interiors team was approached to complete a wetroom installation in Langley Mill. This was an exciting project to work on as wetrooms are not as common and are an alternative to bathrooms. The difference between the two is simple. A wetroom is a bathroom that contains a shower but no threshold. Typically a wetroom will have one single wall blocking the shower area from the rest of the bathroom with a slope in the floor to help direct the water towards the drain. 

Once our team had spoken with the client and understood the requirements, we began removing existing sanitaryware, tiles, plasterwork, and pipework from the bathroom. This is a necessary step and allows installers to install updated pipework and materials to ensure all elements are guaranteed and the new bathroom will not be affected by previous foundational issues. 

Once all materials from the bathroom were removed, we then proceed to install new plumbing pipework, wastes, plasterboards, and plaster skimmed ceiling. These additions formed the foundation of the remodel allowing the team to progress with the next phase. This involved adding aesthetic elements and fine-tuning the foundations of the remodel.

New electrics including LED spotlights and a mirror with feature lighting were installed as were tiles recessed with lighting. A fan for functionality and feature lighting to highlight the stone effect tiles were also installed using our electrician contractors. Our electricians are fully qualified and registered, giving you peace of mind and providing safety certificates. Additionally, our qualified joiner added new stud work to conceal the bath, toilet cistern, and pipework. 

Whilst this work was undertaken the shower elements of the wetroom were being fitted with a full IMPEY waterproofing system. An IMPEY waterproofing system provides a faster and easier method of tanking a leak-free wet floor area. Once completed the wall and floors were fully tiled with stone effect tiles. To complete the project new Freestanding baths and taps were installed as well as a new toilet, washbasin, shower, and towel radiator. 

The client was extremely pleased with the completed wetroom installation and the professionalism of the team. 

If you are interested in finding out more about our wetroom services, learn more here or get in touch.