Dale Abbey Wetroom Renovation

13th February 2023

Our team was tasked with creating a modern, minimalist wetroom that would be easy to use and future-proof for later life. To achieve this, we made use of a range of modern technology and innovative solutions that would create a comfortable and stylish space.

We decided to install Ditra Heat wall and floor heating to provide warmth and comfort without relying on central heating radiators. This system is energy-efficient and provided an even and consistent temperature in the wetroom.

To create a modern and stylish ambiance, we used feature LED lighting throughout the room. The LED lights not only look great, but also provide energy-efficient lighting that is easy to control. Additionally, we installed ceiling halo LED lighting, which creates a unique and modern focal point in the room.

To ensure proper air circulation, we incorporated a plaster-in extractor fan, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom as it blends perfectly with the wall finishes. The end result was a stylish and comfortable space that exceeded our client's expectations.


In order to make the wetroom as accessible and practical as possible, we installed a wall-hung comfort height toilet featuring modern design with a seamless look. This made the space feel more open and provided added comfort for the user.

For the shower, we used a Hansgrohe rainselect shower which provided a sleek and sophisticated touch, as well as high performance and durability.

Finally, we installed a Dansani vanity unit with built-in LEDs and shaver point for both practicality and style. This unit provided ample storage space and the built-in shaver point made it a breeze for our clients to get ready for their day.

Overall, the completed wetroom in Dale Abbey met all the client's requirements, featuring a minimalistic and modern design, energy-efficient technology, and practicality for accessibility and future use.

At Andrew Hindes Interiors, we take pride in our attention to detail, technical expertise, and dedication to providing excellent customer service. We are thrilled with the results of this bathroom renovation project, and are proud to add this project to our portfolio of successful renovations.

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Schluter Wall and Floor Heat Cable

The wetroom renovation project in Dale Abbey used the following Schluter Systems equipment:

- Kerdi-Board waterproofing membrane: This waterproofing material is used beneath the entire tiled surface to create a watertight barrier against moisture.

- Kerdi-Line linear drain: This linear drain is installed along the edge of the shower floor and has a sleek, modern design. It ensures quick and effective water drainage and helps protect against standing water.

- Ditra-Heat underfloor heating: Schluter Systems' Ditra-Heat underfloor heating system was installed beneath the shower floor tiles. The product provides radiant heat and is energy-efficient.

- Kerdi-Shower-N: This prefabricated shower niche was installed to provide storage inside the shower. It's waterproof and made of lightweight polystyrene.

Overall, the Schluter Systems equipment used in the Dale Abbey project provided a comprehensive waterproofing solution, efficient heating system, and a modern and stylish finish.