Slecting an installer is difficult, follow this checklist to make the best choice

1st June 2022

Are you thinking of remodeling a run-down bathroom or getting rid of some worn-out tiles? While this is an exciting time don’t get too focused on the aesthetics of the project. It is very important to choose the right tradesman, to ensure your project lasts the test of time. 

Choosing the right tradesman can be a daunting task and not a decision to be taken lightly. Selecting the right tradesman for your project requires thorough research and your choice should not come down to price. In some cases, you may be presented with multiple quotes for the same project by different installers. In this instance, it is important to find out why.

There are multiple questions to ask to find out why prices between installer quotes vary drastically. Is the installer going to use top-quality or substandard materials? Are they going to waterproof the required areas? Will they remove the old pipework or just build on what is already there? In most cases, when conducting a bathroom renovation it is important that all existing pipework is removed and new pipework installed. This way the installer can guarantee that all the necessary elements are integrated correctly. 

When looking for a tradesman follow this useful checklist to make sure you are choosing the right installer for the project:

  • Conduct research 
  • Look at past reviews
  • Does the installer have insurance?
  • Do they have an extensive portfolio of completed work showcasing the work you are searching for?
  • Are they a member of any trade bodies?
  • Do they use top-quality materials? 
  • What is their payment structure and how does it work?
  • Do they certify any gas or electrical work? 
  • Is any electrical work carried out by a certified contractor?

If you are concerned about finding a qualified tradesman, the best referral is through someone you know and trust. This could be a member of your family or a friend who has recently used the tradesman for a project. An alternative method to source a credible tradesman is through industry contacts. This can include local bathrooms or tile showrooms or another tradesman you have previously used and trust being on your property. The internet has also made it easier to research installers online and view their social media accounts to view a portfolio of work. Reviews are also easy to find online to put your mind at ease or raise concerns, giving you the power to make an informed decision. 

At Andrew Hindes Interiors our highly skilled team brings years of experience in both tiling and bathroom industries to all projects across the Midlands. Our work is fully guaranteed with simple terms and conditions and a payment structure. With this approach, projects are covered by our 3-year workmanship guarantee at a competitive price.

If you are interested in finding out more about what you should look for in an installer get in touch.